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Monday, October 8, 2012

irene's wedding


as usual, went to class. 
now im reach at 2nd semester in year 2... 
began new sem with courage and diversify learning technique.. 
but this sem quite bored coz nas was separate from our group...
we didn't know, why he can separate from us, in fact, we register together, and immediate do amendment if want to change course or sec.. myb the system, want break us apart.. huhuhuhu

 after class, i went to my ex-school wedding at pandan lake club..... 
rendezvous friends after 7 years didn't meet up... lately i always mention rendezvous quite frequent rite.. 
i've known the bride when we study togather at SMTJ.. actually we don't even being close friends
but she invited all ex-SMTJ to her wedding.. 
so i take this opportunity to meet up my old friends and see the beautiful bride!
most of them came from malacca n JB tau..

i got lost direction to come over here.. hahaha. nama jee dok kl
 almost give up and decided to ride back home...
but fiqqa, really want to see me, n willing to wait for presence even though i came late....hahah..perasan!..
 i can't bear to disappointed her since she had waiting for an hour
 and at last! im arrived

some pic taken from my hp.. unfortunately i didn't take pic with bride use my hp camera..huhuhu..

my Ex-Roomate!! she really likes to eat maggie at least 2 times per day.. she'll bride-to-be... gorgeous isn't?

wif iqa...thanx waiting for me...

last but not leas= wif my dear ayu n fiqa... love them!!

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