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Friday, February 8, 2013


Happy Friday morning people! im pretty sure, u guys waiting for this Friday before we go to public long leave :D 
Malaysia is one of country has provide so many variety festive holiday!! I'm proud to be Malaysian... :D

To all Chinese friends, i wanna wish u Happy Chinese New Year and havva blast festive day with warmness, happiness and joyful... to those who planned to back home town, drive safely... apparently its gonna be a massive traffic jammed.. so plan your journey wisely.. check on your vehicle (tire, break and etc), if possible get someone to co-pilot along the driving and most important get enough rest before, during and after journey.. 

Ples be a good Malaysian people and may responsible to other driver on the road.. follow the rules and use a right accelerated speed ..road isn't way to swelled-head... show some respect and ethic to other user..  sometime, we need to prepare for any unwanted incident may comes up.. so havva safety drive..


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