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Monday, January 28, 2013


Januari 2013

its been a little while i was away from my pity blog... huhuhu last updated was early nov.... im just dont know how to start my writing.. but now i do my return again to fill my empty blog with new story.. yeke? hahahha... b4 im go more further story, i need to tell u that this is my PENDING POST! but yet published until today (rite now da post).... its 22th jan post actually and officially be my first post. hahaha...well...seem we had absolutely gone throughout all along 2012  with joyful, blessed, obstacle and what so ever.... So I hope it was not too late to wishing all of u happy new year and doomsday prediction has gone (WT#*%^&e).. so lets not to predict everything is beyond our control but try hard to make up ourselves more prepare deed to ALLAH and believes the time will come someday. 

We just welcome 2013 actually it is middle of new year...hik3 waiting with new challenging, new determination and everything new. you should  know how you're supposed to come up with list of resolution at the beginning of the year to try make yourself a better person. well its gonna be thrill for new achievement.! i guess once we're entering January everything will come up with determination and goal, so am I...I've sticking my determination for this year and i hope Allah will simplify and blessed my effort... 

Start for my first Story 

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah in beginning new year, you sent off a good news for my family and I where's my process buying a property was totally successful.. im so blessed and Allah still give us sustenance  .. tq Ya Allah 

Since my house loan has approved so it will affected my funding coz Treasury  automatically wage cut every month until 2045.. WHAT!!?? until my last service? huhu.. but what can i do? property is investment.. if u really wanna planned a better life in future, u should sacrifice from now on! indeed! because property esp house prices will be increase in every year.. but i do satisfied coz in my age, i able hang on 2 property, car and double story house.. tq Ya Allah again... 1 step move forward.. so now i can focus in 1 thing, a pretty big event in life...

b4 dat, i'd  planned financial to spend so much item every month... 
my pocket money,
parents pocket
car fuel 
utility bills 

 I've made tremendous idea to calculate my spending through unofficially buku kira-kira... plus wedding fund.. its not good idea to allocate all money including salary and fund in 1 account actually.. My advise its better to create or open new account for separate things. so i wasn't accidentally use the money for any proportion.. excellent rite? n by the time, i can manage money wisely and hope the money will grown up soon.. i hate to take loan just for utilize my wedding..
 as Mr. IM said, money after married will more2 important instead of using all for grand wedding... 
so don't bother my self to dreamed off grand wedding, just do modest but comfortable.. and foremost, settle compulsory pillars, that's should be  important.


Anyway, i hope i can start to counting my day to realization event. most of my friends was married, got super cute baby, and some of them getting married soon.. im frankly envy them.. age rises year ahead.. so i think this is very suitable time to think off seriously to build new life.. I begging for your bless Allah.. please show us a right way and smoothest our plan... Amin, Ya Rabbalalamin


past a week is my 25 birthday day, and we had (Mr.IM & I) small celebration for my birthday... everything is not well planned but im still felt grateful coz there have someone still willing do celebration for me... esp to my Mr. IM, he is the 1st and ever wishing me a blast day! tq so much syg.. I LOVE U SO MUCH..  words its not enough to express how much i love him.. thank you because u always be my side in whatever comes up... u bring shine to my life and 'll doing everything to fulfill my wish even-though we've fighting and argument.. but it doesn't matter as long as we know how much we love each other.. argument comes with a lots of love afterward.. i never regret choosing u as my best friend, partner, my future husband and insyAllah my angel until Jannah perhaps.. And big hug n kiss to all beloved friends wishing me a lot of pleasure sentiment words.. love u all!


thanx to all family, friends and colleagues and more over to my boss for made my day with wonderful things! i never asked to treat me like a princess but i do appreciated for all they doing just for me! the celebration is absolutely touched..

Over touched up...hehe
  Thank you so much to beloved Mr. IM, coz giving me so much love and beautiful present! despite at last met, i gave pissed off on things and ruined plan dat u done for me! oh my beloved..forgive me! i should learn control my tempered and sulking over you.. coz i know,  only can control and accept all my weakness.. i promised you, i'll change my bad attitude before we go to new phrase.

Delicious Cakess

Surprise and Surprise.. 

BTW  i was clumsy  on the time, i never expected that will be a small fest.. i thought it just cut cake.. but what made my heart exploded when after hours, my officer brought another cake to cut off... OMG! so surprised.. last time, she just gave me a little cute hand craft dat she doing by herself...but this time she doing home made cake and menagerie swarovski bracelet as present... i felt like crumpet cramp face and reverie a while.. so touched! i never been treat like this one... thank you so much MEJ ARYATI BT A.RAHIM..

see, there's some connection between us,we got same name and father's name..


all present i got for this birthday!

last but not least, tq to my great boss!! tq so much to put effort and wasted money to celebrate your pity secretary.. im really appreciate for what u have done.. i think dats good enough if u just wish for my birthday i felt like im burden u and all colleagues... actually im so embarrassing and felt guilty when staff have to prepared all those things..huhu.. BTW it went well... i felt great having such a good boss and cool colleagues... and tq so much for expensive present... it is too expensive for me wearing this kinda of branded stuff..even u are not state the price, but i knew dats was expensive one! tq so much again and again.. i hope this is a last time...shy**

oppsss!! sorry got more story...And another things beginning with wonderful one! i had been checked for my last sem result... Alhamdulillah.. Allah still gimme a good achievement for this moment... but i still waiting for 1 more subject to get full result.. i hope date gonna be A too! so dats mean, i could have hold a Decan certificate.. at last, after a year studying, i never hold for once..its quite challenges to reach 3.68 pointers to get decan.. while i'm in diploma, 3.5 was eligible to get AKJ . amin, amin, amin, i hope my dreamed will come true... 
what's with just a little pieces of accreditation 
YES, certificate is nothing but the self-possessed about certificated comes deep inside with motivation and excitement  to more successful for future..
i want use this opportunity to appraised NAS (macam ada org baca), a friend we call as a good team friend.. because of him, i able to get this result with proud.. u know what, statistic is not a easy to teach and not easy to learn.. but alhamdulillah with grand from Allah i can easily penetrate when doing study group with them (nas n yaya)
i started with 0 knowledge (even though lect. has babbling hundred times in class) , after having discussion (only in one day ok!)with them is totally up to 90%..
 sorry Dr. Azmi i couldn't understand even penetrate when u teaching us.. most of student in the class not understand. the problem must be probably comes from environment, density of student and lack of interaction between lect and student.. can u imagine the student in class was over 60 pack over 1 lect. it must be so noises when they used to talk and talk, so the others can't concentrate even more...
but im not totally blame u if student can't concentrate.. the management and administrative should planned this well to make student comfort during the lesson...
ok, past is past... i dont wanna talk more cause as long as my result OK...hehehe


I'm swear, this is last story!
last weekend 
i've do some transformation, modification and other in terms of 'tion' to my lovely car!
after 4 years he served me very well, came to followed me everywhere but never once i give him rewards..cewah!! hahaha... 
instead of i gave him suffered for 3 times.. but babysss...listen, im not doing in just was an accident.
sometimes mommy felt dat u sulking, and always get sick..
mommy so sorry kay... I LOVE U so much..truly..huhuhu... forgive mommy syanggg...
i hope u will happy with new modification dats im doing to make u better look and more handsome...
n i hope it can beat Z800 belong to ur Daddy.. mommy was so envy to look them beautiful every time.. so now lets mommy bring u more handsome..hahahah...
mommy spend a lot of money to keep u more elegant yet gentle. rather than wasted money for monthly idiot expenses such h.bag, attire n others...haha

but mommy so sorry coz mommy not affordable to change your 'sock'...
next time if mommy got extra money, mummy will do just for u...

something look incomplete isn't? Myvi's badge doesn't attached.. pak cik bengkel said, i have to go to accessories shop to find a suitable badge cause, the original badge can't fit to new bummy bumper! alaaaa... huhuhu

My medallion Grey a.k.a Mr. BuBu

mommy hope u can cope with new body sizing  and feel comfort whenever mommy bring u..
last not least, again! mommy so sorry coz mommy had intention to take u 'away' once ago..
mommy wanted to buy new car n sold u out..
but i can't..coz u r my first car, my first property and i bought u with my own money!
dats y mommy love u so much...huaargghhh!!
(eiii, da laa..geli pulak mommy, daddy bagai...)haha

p/s: btw, im still in learning and practice English writing process through my blog... if anybody read my blog and find wrong grammar n verb or else do not hesitate to correct me... its my Pleasure to welcome u to teach me.. tq peeps!


ok...tadaaaaaaa.... lots of lurve

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wahhhhh.. dapat A for stats.. kite dpt B je.. tp syukur dah.. coz target dapat tu... alhamdulillah... insyaALLAh yat dpt decan sem ni.. amin2.

Hayati Abdur Rahim said...

alhamdulillah.. rezeki n berkat belajar last minit aritu..hahah..da laa susah kan soalan ritu..

amin2...harap2 dapat laa decan for dis sem...


hihi... amat memahami belajar last minit itu.. hehe..